CPYTrade, Online copy trading platform

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CPYTrade lets you copy master traders choice!
Automatic copy trading platform, CPYTrade lets you copy master traders choice directly to your live trading accounts. CPYTrade provides full automatic solution based on high-tech technologies

CPYTrade Features.

Secure Wallet

CPYTrade prepares software solutions for secure copy trading, user's wallet is not accessable by CPYTrade related things.

Signal Accuracy Analysis

To help users decide, we prepared signal accuracy percentage who calculates historical signals of each master trader separately

For any business

Don't waste time, Every thing will be placed automatically, CPYTrade provides full automatic copy trading solution

Automatic Mode

CPYTrade application will place orders automatically on your multiple live trading accounts in same time, You can manage your investments easily from application menu

Super Secured

Our request gateways are placed in your personal computer or smart phone and you will be secure from server attacks.
Your wallets will be secure in case of security attacks to our servers

For every kind of Markets!

We support binary option and forex markets.

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Binary Option

Binary option trading is one of most popular trading types, CPYTrade prepares copy trading solution
Supported Brokers: Olymptrade

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